Monday, May 31, 2010

Couponing to a better life

Now that I'm feeling a bit better (back and neck problems), I'm off to the stores again.  I spent over 3 hours last night sorting and filing the coupons which had accumulated.  Then, I sat down with the sale ads and set up my shopping day.  Here we go...

     Spent  $ 11.97    SAVED  $ 14.88
Food Lion
     Spent  $ 55.78    SAVED    $ 25.88
     Spent  $ 106.05  SAVED  $ 86.43
     Spent  $ 7.49      SAVED  $ 13.99

Total Spent $ 181.29  SAVED $ 141.18

Percent Saved:  44 %

Not at or above 50 % which is what I'm shooting for, but savings none-the-less.

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