Monday, May 31, 2010

Homekeeper's Journal ~ 8

Life with the Cooks....

In My Kitchen …. Memorial Day Picnic!  Hamburgers, hot dogs, deviled eggs, baked beans, homemade potato salad, watermelon, and homemade Cinnamon Raisin Bread.  YUM!

With The Children ….. setting up any summer plans they have or would like to have.  Michael - Boy Scout Camp, Matthew - a new play (hopefully), Melissa - church camp with a friend if we can swing it.

What I’m Reading … 1/2 Price Living: Secrets to Living Well on One Income by Ellie Kay.  I am trying to learn new ways to live frugally but well.

What I Have Been Learning … that God's timing is always best; I need to trust His timing more and rely less on when I think things should happen.

What I’ve Been Noticing …. that lack of sleep = one unhappy and impatient mom.

On The Back Burner of My Mind …. how best to use my less hectic summer months.  I have many projects to work on and feel overwhelmed as to where to start.

In The Deepest Darkest Recesses …. how am I going to get everything done this summer that I want to do?

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