Monday, May 31, 2010

Fall Creek Falls Family/Home school camp ~ 2010


Our family home for the week - a 12 x 12 foot cabin with 1 electric outlet, one hanging light bulb, and one mouse named Mr. Jingles!

Rod, Michael and Matthew playing frisbee in the sports field in the camping area.

The dining hall.  All the families were responsible for their own breakfast and lunch.  All the campers ate dinner together.


There always seemed to be a volleyball game either beginning or ending.  Melissa had quick reflexes whenever the ball or an elbow came near her face.

Matthew enjoyed a 9 hole game of golf at the Fall Creek Falls course.

The Swimming Hole!  The kids swam in the ol' swimming hole just above the small waterfall.  It is so deep that there is a diving board for it!  The peaceful creek is after the "waterfall."  This was a great place for the younger kids to play and chase whatever was swimming around them!

Tie Dyeing!  The camp directors are experts at making Tie Dye shirts, hats, aprons, etc....

All in all we had a great time.  The only downside was that Rod was not able to spend any true family time with us.  He joined us for dinner on Saturday night and left just after lunch on Sunday.

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