Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Last Sicarius... a book review


The Last Sicarius

iUniverse LLC, Bloomington Indiana

ISBN-13: 9781491721087

Genre: Christian / Mystery / Thriller

Are the Gospels of Judas and possibly a diary of Jesus' earthly ministry worth dying for? 
Will they prove the Christian faith or destroy it forever?

Biblical intrigue
Theological thriller
Good versus evil

After surviving the Kolektor's rage and murderous plot against her and those she cares about, Chloe Lejeune returns to Louisiana to continue translating the ancient manuscripts of Jesus' earthly ministry found in the oil jars.  Yet, when a Vatican official turns up to have lunch with her, she soon realizes the mystery behind the ancient jars and evil is not finished.  Along with her son, Pope Francis "charges Chloe to find the cache of jars and keep them away from their adversaries" - the rightful heir of the Kolektor's organization.

Once again, Chloe works with Vatican officials and her son J.E following biblical clues to locate the Cave of Jars before the Kolektor's heir does.  As each clue brings them closer to the jars, it also brings the evil heir-apparent one step closer.  Who will find the cave first?  Will there be any survivors to the last stand between good and evil?

Van R Mayhall Jr once again has drawn the reader into the biblical narrative and locations.  With each twist and turn, you want to cheer on Chloe and her band of scholars and military Vatican guards.  Yet, the evil heir stays on their heels, or, even one step ahead.

I enjoyed The Last Sicarius as much as the first book, Judas the Apostle.  Unfortunately, the beginning of The Last Sicarius did not flow as smoothly as I had hoped.  In his attempt to make this book a "stand alone" in the series, Van R Mayhall Jr adds background information on the characters and basic plot from the first book into the beginning chapters of this one.  This strategy took away from the opening scenes of the new book.  I believe an introductory chapter summarizing Judas the Apostle would have achieved a smoother transition between the two books; thus, allowing the second book, The Last Sicarius, to stand alone.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

Please note: I received a complimentary digital copy of The Last Sicarius from and iUniverse Publishing for my honest review.

Happy reading!


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