Sunday, February 8, 2015

Judas the Apostle.... a book review


Judas the Apostle

by Van R Mayhall Jr.
Published: September 2013
iUniverse LLC, Bloomington Indiana
ISBN 9781491703328

Judas the Apostle gives The DaVinci Code a run for its money!

Could the ancient manuscripts give a first-hand account of Jesus' earthly ministry?

Biblical intrigue
Theological thriller
Good versus evil

After the death of her father, Chloe returns to her childhood home in Louisiana to learn his death was far from a home invasion gone badly.  When she is given a hand-written letter from her father during the reading of his will, she embarks on a mystery of biblical proportions.

The mysterious jar and its contents bring both a future and a possible ending to any who come in contact with it. Will the ancient text prove beyond a shadow of doubt the ministry and mission of the Catholic Church?  Or, as the evil nemesis desires, disproves the basis of the Catholic religion once and for all. 

Immerse yourself with Chloe as she and other scholars try to unravel the mysterious Gospel of Judas before their time runs out!

My rating: 6 out of 5 stars, A++

I loved the way Van R Mayhall Jr intertwined biblical archeology, the study of ancient languages, and a riveting plot to make this a must read.  I was hooked from page one with the story ending much too quickly.  Good news - - - - - The next book in the series, The Last Sicarius,  was published on February 6, 2014. 

So, do you know who the Sicarii are?

Happy Reading!


Please note: I received a complementary digital copy of Judas the Apostle for my honest review from and iUniverse Publisher for my honest review.

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