Monday, December 6, 2010

Grandparenting from afar


I am the proud grandmom of Xander (age 5)!  Unfortunately, I have not been able to watch him grow and learn about the world around him.  I've also not been able to share my faith in God with him either.

During this time in history, many families live far apart due to many factors.  My son, Robert, needed to follow his job which has now landed him in Texas.

Now that Xander is older, I am looking for ways to be involved in his life without actually being present.  Please share any and all ideas!



  1. What a cute grandson you have!

    I bought both my mother and mother in law a book very similar to this one ( )

    I would have loved to had a book like this from my grandmothers, it would have been so special to me.

    Also, perhaps your son could set up a meeting on web cam a few nights a week so that you could see and talk to your grandson and he could see and talk to you?

  2. Marissa... thanks for the great ideas. I'm going to look up The Grandmother Book. At least when he gets older, he will know I was always thinking of him. My son doesn't own a computer; he digitally communicates on a phone web browser.


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