Monday, October 4, 2010

God has smiled down on me!

Can  you say Happy Dance?

Since Saturday, I have enjoyed many blessings.  I have danced the "happy dance" six times now!  Why?  I hoped you would ask...

Happy Dance #1 - My front brake work was FREE on Saturday.  I was 150 miles from the end of the warranty period with brakes squealing so bad I had to get to the shop.  So, new brakes on the front of the van.. did I say FREE!

Happy Dance #2 - I have the best husband in the world.. just celebrated 18 wonderful years! We are celebrating with dinner at Blue Orleans on Wednesday night!

Happy Dance #3 - I received the Women of Faith tickets for their November conference today in the mail.  I am going with my mom and sister --- girl time!

Happy Dance #4 - Michael and I had a smooth transition to new World Geography program Around the World in 180 Days!

Happy Dance #5 - Lifeway had the student book for Around the World in 180 Days!

Happy Dance #6 - Today has been a GREAT Monday! Introduced new US History program (US History Through Our Country's Presidents) to Matthew and Melissa.  It is a go! Actually heard, "It sounds like fun!"

God is so good!  It has been a very stressful and overwhelming couple of weeks.  Thank you, LORD!


  1. I was wondering what you had finally decided to go with for U.S. History. Give us a review after you've used it a while

  2. Michelle, I ended up buying the A Beka 11th grade US History and we tried making it work for almost 2 month. Bad decision... this was set up to be taught in a class, not as independent study. The new history (US History through the President's Eyes) is being put together at my house. So, we are not only completing a unit study, I am pulling it together myself! We ended the A Beka just when George Washington was voted in as our first president. Good time to start. I am going to post about it and link what I can to the blog. I'll let you know how it goes... give me a month or two!

  3. Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a comment :) Happy Anniversary!!

  4. Happy Anniversary and glad things are smoothing out for you.


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