Thursday, September 9, 2010

Praise and Prayer all rolled up into one

Yearly physicals...  yuck.  Sometimes I am much worse than my kids.  Maybe you are like me.  You procrastinate going to the doctor for the full physical for numerous reasons.  Mine were: "I don't have insurance and the bill would be astronomical, I don't have the time, or... I'm perfectly fine as long as I don't know what may be wrong with me!"

Over 10 months ago I purchased a 'Complete Physical' for $30 during a silent auction.  The physical would normally have cost $250.  I can tell you that I lost the sheet and that is why I waited too long, but that wouldn't be exactly true.  The sheet stayed in my in-box with the home school work, so, at least every couple of weeks, I saw it (and buried it again).

Well, I finally had my very overdue physical last Friday.  Here is the breakdown---

     1.  Physical went fine, nothing found.
     2.  EKG was good.
     3.  Not diabetic (FBS was normal)
     4.  Nice doctor and office staff
     5.  All blood work, etc came back normal except...

  Prayer Requests
     1.  Triglycerides were off the chart
          (Normal: 11-150, Me: 698)
     2.  Cholesterol was at the high for normal
          (Normal: 175-200, Me: 199)
     3.  LDL (BAD)  High/Above normal
          (Normal: 0-129, Me: 172)
     4.  HDL (Good) was too low
          (Normal 40-131, Me: 27)

The doctor called in some medication to deal with the high triglycerides.  As of yet, I have not picked it up.  (No, I'm not procratinating on this.) 

After researching online last night, it seems my diet and lack of exercise is a contributing factor.  A diet high in sugar is a major factor.  I love my sweet decaf iced tea and flavored hot coffees.  Also, since I'm a tad overweight, this is also making the problem worse.  I understand the lack of exercise isn't helping.  I really think blogging and facebooking should be considered an Olympic sport.  Really, we put in a lot of 'practice' and time on them!

I'm awaiting a call from the doctor this afternoon before picking  up the medication.  I would like to know if it is too late to try to bring down the triglycerides naturally (diet changes and increase exercise) without the medication.  I don't want to put my health at anymore risk, but would rather NOT be on medications.

Please keep me in your prayers as these decisions are made.  I especially covet your prayers in the DIET modification and WEIGHT loss area.  Per the doctor, if I lose 20-25 pounds, I lose all health risks due to weight.


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