Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Driving, driving, driving...

God is so good! 

How many times do we sing or think this but live like it isn't true?  Or, we add stipulations to His goodness.  God needs absolutely nothing from us.  Everything we have is from Him including our ability to love Him.   I need to always remember..."We love, because He first loved us." ~ 1 John 4.19.

The family drove to Kansas City, Missouri, yesterday with no mishaps at all.  This is a true blessing since our van is over 6 years old and has over 128,000 miles on it.  Also, we enjoyed each other's company during the 12 hour trek.  Think about it..... 3 teenagers and 2 parents (sorry, no pets!) laughing, joking, singing with the songs on the radio, and having fun.

During the drive, Melissa decided to take pictures as we went.  Literally, she took pictures from the back seat of the van as we drove by water towers, corn fields, and more corn fields.  I'll try to get some posted to this link later today.

Have a blessed day!

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