Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Homekeeper's Journal ~ 16

What’s going on in my kitchen this week ….. home cooked dinners!

Every time I try to ….. work on my kids' high school paperwork, I get side-tracked (like right now)!  Procrastination is a bad thing, I know, and I'll soon run out of summer to complete these.

Thinking very heavily on this right now … serious school decisions and history/literature plans for the upcoming school year.

I wish my mother had told me….. (1) what periods were before I had my first one and thought I was dying, and (2) about sex, not the details (God forbid, how embarrassing!), but God's plan for sex and the consequences of having sex before marriage.

I wish a mature believer had told me... that walking with the Lord requires daily death to self.  For a person who likes to be in control, this is not any easy thing to do, but God is continually working on me in this area.

I am determined to ….. to see Jesus as the apostle John did.  I want to be awed and enamored with Jesus as if I, myself, am witnessing the miraculous healings, feedings, teachings, and resurrection.

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