Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Homekeeper's Journal ~ 1


In my kitchen ……. I'm doing absolutely nothing!  Still trying to decide on a dinner plan for tonight.  I have 6 hours until dinner!

On my mind today …… my teenagers Biology finals; middle age, hormones, weight gain and the mystery and humor of it all.

Something that makes me feel rather touchy …….. how people view and/or act toward my teens.  If I feel they are being used or stepped on, the protective mom in me comes out roaring!

One goal for this week is ….. be financially frugal - buying ONLY necessities.

What I’m reading …… Animal Farm by George Orwell.

One individual I am praying for ….. my husband.

I am looking forward to …… home school camp at Fall Creek Falls State Park in TN!

On the Back Burner of my mind …… financial worries : ( 

I see God moving ……. in the way I view music, television, movies, books, etc.

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