Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Homekeeper's Journal ~ 18

This is what's happening at my house...

Too much zucchini - too little motivation!

What’s going on in my kitchen this week ….. tuna casserole, grilled chicken, homemade fresh blueberry pancakes, and a lot of zucchini side dishes.

This week, I have simply not been able to get a handle on … getting done what needs to get done.  I am in serious need of motivation!!

Its so hot here ….. that the teens won't even go out and hang out.  The basketball hoop is forgotten during the hot summer months and they seem to forget that the lawn needs mowing...

If I could have a pantry built to order ….. I would need a new house!  Since I don't have any type of pantry now, I wouldn't be too picky.  Any storage would be a blessing!

The one place other than where I am that I might like to live is ….. near my grandson and son so that would put me in Texas in a couple of months.

The most comfortable shoes I have ever had ….. are my on-sale sandals from Payless Shoes.  I love them so much, I bought all they had the fall of 2008.  This way, when they were no longer wearable, I already had replacements.  Sad day... they no longer carry them and I need new ones!

My favorite things about summer ….. I love the longer days; the growing garden; less stress due to less  commitments; reading or in my case - catching up on reading!

I know I need to …… start and complete the high school portfolios and transcripts (x 4 students).  I also need to decide on history and literature curriculum for the upcoming school year.

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  1. zucchini...what can be said? LOL We actually have a volunteer zucchini plant that sprouted up in our garden this year. We didn't plant any because last year the 4 we planted ended up taking up almost half our garden space. It was our first garden. I had no idea zucchini got that big!

    Wow, that IS hot if the teenagers aren't going out! Hope you have fun keeping them entertained (;


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