Sunday, June 20, 2010

64 % Savings (including RR/ecb's/MIR

This week I didn't do any major shopping, but I did buy more than just milk and vegies.  Here is the weekly breakdown:

Farmer's Market
     Spent  $10       Saved -0-
      But I did make homemade strawberry jam with it!  YUM!
     Spent  $35       Saved $35
       (earned $16 RR and $10 mail-in rebate)
     Spent  $49       Saved  $27
Food Lion
     Spent  $6         Saved  $2
     Spent  $17       Saved  $37
      (rec'd $12 ebc to use next time!)

  Spent $117  Saved  $101 
  Total Bill before savings  $216

Percent Saved.... 47 %

Percent Saved including RR/ecb/MIR.... 64 %

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