Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homekeeper's Journal ~ 4

Here’s What’s Happening ………….

In My Kitchen …… Asian chicken... YUM!

On My Mind ….. being blessed by friends and family over the past 4 days!

One Big Goal For This Week …. choose an American History program for my students.

Something I Would Like To Do …. have my teens transcripts and high school portfolios up-to-date.

It Means A Lot To Me …… when my teens do something for one another or someone else without being asked.  Thank you, Matthew, for your thoughtfulness toward Grandpop!

I am looking forward to …… home school camp at Fall Creek Falls!

On the Back Burner of my mind …… my husband's business, real estate, and how it has to begin looking up soon.


  1. Hello! I joined in the Homekeeper's Journal and wanted to stop by and visit everyone's blogs. I home schooled my only child and was so sad when 12th grade ended.


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