Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hideaway Cove... a book review

Hideaway Cove (Windfall Island, #2)
Hideaway Cove

Windfall Island Series, #2

Available July 29, 2014

ISBN-13: 9781455525393

(note: mature romance)

Only weeks after someone tried to kill Maggie, the mystery only deepens.  If Maggie isn't the lost Stanhope heir, then who is?  A genealogist, Holden Abbott, is brought to the remote island of Windfall to sort through the family trees to shed light on what really befell the baby nearly a century before.

Jessica is Maggie's business partner and manager of the charter service.  As Holden digs into the island's past, the passion between he and Jessica ignites.  Will she open the door to him even though she was burned by the last man in her life? 

As the mystery (and romance) deepens, unlikely Windfaller's return to the island.  Are they friend or foe? 

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars / A

Pick up Temptation Bay by Anna Sullivan and continue the mystery with Hideaway Cove.  You won't be disappointed!

I received a complimentary e-copy of Hideaway Cove from NetGalley for my honest review.


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