Monday, April 30, 2012

Discounted gas...

I just love me some savings.... especially on gas!  One of our local grocery stores, Bi-Lo, has a fuelperks program.  The more you spend at their store, the more you save at the pump.  Outside of weekly fuelperks deals, Bi-Lo gives you $0.05 for every $50 you spend.  Then you have 3 months to use them.

Check out my Exxon gas receipt from today...

How cool is this.... saving $32.29 on my purchase!

I believe Winn-Dixie has a similar program.  Check it out!  You could be saving, too!




  1. Ellen,
    I love me some fuel perks too :o) Did you know that you get extra perks when you buy the weekly specials? My ma-in-law just told me about it. I was going to buy my usual spagetti & she said, "NO!, you get double fuel perks if you buy this one!" So I did...Go figure. Have a blessed week.

  2. I wish I had one of those shops here on the island. lol

  3. Aw, wow! Way to encourage us to both spend and save eh?


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