Wednesday, November 2, 2011

College Application Time!

One of the joys of having twins is the fun of doing everything, not once, but twice!  This includes college visits and tours.  Matt is looking into an Engineering degree, while Melissa would love a degree in Marine Biology.  After researching many different colleges and finding out where the teens would like to visit, our touring days began!

Since last fall, we have toured...

University of Florida
This is my husband's alma mater. 
Too bad they aren't homeschool friendly.

Georgia Institute of Technology
a place for every nerd and geek... per Melissa!

Tech Tower

Auburn University
This college has both engineering and marine biology...
wouldn't it be a hoot if they both ended up at the same school?!?!
Auburn is very homeschool friendly... and they both loved it!

Welcome to Auburn!

University of North Carolina - Wilmington
UNC-W is well-known for its Marine Biology school,
but you can't claim it as a major until your second  year in college.
Melissa like it, but Auburn is still her first choice...
even though the ocean is only 5 miles away!

Center for Marine Science

So, here you have it.  My life in the "college application" season.  I currently have 2 teenagers completing numerous applications which include essays, deadlines, and fees.  I know I will survive this, but it seems so overwhelming right now.

I will be posting more on the home school transcript and portofolio which has been a true life-saver during this time.




  1. WOW...two in college at the same time!!! Yeah, the pro is you don't have to do it again. The con is surviving it the first time Great college pics thus far. Can wait to see which one they settle on. Wish you all the best.

    Tee-iabo Designs

  2. Tee-iabo... I still have one more student to go! He is a sophomore in high school this year. By the time I do his, it will be easy!

  3. Hi Ellen,
    Hang in there! I don't think people ever realize how much there is to do, BESIDES finishing school, during the junior and senior year! All that college stuff is exhausting. It looks as if you have some great schools lined up as possibilities!


  4. Thanks for all the support! After completing their transcripts / class descriptions / extra-curricular resumes, I get to update them! We had some class changes at the local college for the January 2012 term. I don't think I'll ever be done...

  5. Have fun, this is a very busy time for you. I went through it two years ago. :-) FRom WWindow.


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