Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Bible in 90 Days


I am so excited to be following many others in this journey.  I have tried to read through the Bible using many different "plans," but have given up somewhere in the Old Testament.

I'm praying this time will be different.  With many other bloggers also embarking on this journey, I will be encouraged by their thoughts and comments.

 Products General Bible - The Bible in 90 DaysEach Monday I will be checking in at Mom's Toolbox to post my progress and read others'.   Also, every 'Monday night of the program, beginning July 11, B90Days readers will meet on Twitter between 8-9 CST for a weekly Twitter party Bible study. We’ll compare notes from the reading and encourage each other there, too.'

I will be purchasing The Bible in 90 Days from Zondervan to make it easier.  This large print NIV Bible is set-up so that you read 12 pages a day, including start and end markers for each day.  It includes minimal footnotes, etc. to keep it thin and portable.  (This is not considered a study Bible.)

It is not too late to join the 90 Day Challenge!  Go to Mom's Toolbox and sign-up for what is to be a life-changing event.


  1. I"m very excited for you and THIS will be the time you read it ALL! :)
    PS: Buying the B90DAys Bible was a good call. :) I found it made a huge difference for me. :)

  2. How fun!! I am joining in as well :)

  3. just stopping by from moms toolbox!!

  4. I just finished up my 3rd time through the B90Days schedule. When you finish it once, you'll want to do it again! And again!

  5. I received the Bible in 90 Days today, so I'll pick up reading Day 4 in it tomorrow. The first 3 days I used my NASB. So far, so good! ~ Ellen


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