Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Early Summer Garden 2011


We have harvested (and enjoyed) the beets, broccoli, radishes, strawberries, snow peas, and Romaine lettuce.  Now, we are enjoying the last of the strawberries, green beans and tomatoes!

We have recently planted 2 green, 1 red, and 1 yellow bell pepper plants.  They are already blooming, so I'm am anxiously awaiting their arrival! 

After seeing pictures of a friend's garden last year, I planted zucchini and yellow squash in tires in our front bed.  I wish there was a better place to place them, but I have no backyard... just a back HILL!

They seem to be enjoying their new home, check out the first blossom on the zucchini plant!

Homeschool lessons:

1) Remember to harvest and water!
(Do you wonder how I know this?!?!) 

2) Remember to use gloves when working in new, ummm, manure.

3) The teenagers aren't as excited as I am, but we are spending time together.  This means a lot to this homeschool mom of 2 high school seniors and 1 sophomore.  My time is limited.  : [

More garden photos:

Pepper plants and tomatoes

Green beans, last 2 strawberry plants, tomatoes

Green beans and tomatoes

Green beans and snow peas

Backside of trellis... check out the tomatoes!

2 of many tomatoes... YUM!

Happy Gardening!



  1. Pretty garden! So much good about it.....way more than just the produce. I have tomatoes growing...that's all...but I am still so proud.

  2. You certainly have a nice garden. For some reason my snap peas didn't yield much. The plants were very tall but not fruitful.
    This time I planted tomatoes over the septic tank and they doing fine. Bell peppers only so-so.
    Going to have to rip out my parsley, sage and coriander plants, they have shot up tall and thick, but the leaves don't look right.
    Getting lots of small peaches (planted one year ago) but they are still rock hard. Pears too. Three apple trees only two apples on one tree only so far. Pecan trees look like they are dying, no leaves.
    Sorry to ramble on, had to talk to a REAL gardner.

  3. What a neat idea to plant zucchini in tires. Looks great! It's decorative and useful!

  4. Hello, friend! I have chosen you to receive the Sunshine Award. Stop by my blog and see how to collect you amazing award.


  5. I need one of them fences you have. Great garden =)

  6. I should try planting zucchini in tires next year, thanks for the idea!

  7. Anthony: Thanks for your kind words. I'm still learning about gardening.

    Robin: Stole the "tire" idea from a friend... thanks Cathy W.

    Crisc and Zonnah: The fence is a trellis using the guidelines from _Square Foot Gardening_.


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