Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Homekeeper's Journal ~ May 17


This week’s Journal is all about Home and Garden


This week in my kitchen ………. Not a whole lot since we are setting up to go to camp on Friday.  I did make spaghetti sauce for the freezer and a loaf of bread today.  Does that count?

My gardening thoughts this week ……. The snow peas are beginning to climb the trellis along with the tomato plants.  I have about 6 green tomatoes and can't wait for them to ripen!  After a close inspection of the broccoli, I believe we are actually going to harvest some this season.  The romaine lettuce and baby spinach is begging to be eaten along with the radishes!  I'm enjoying watching everything grow... each day I'm amazed with the garden!

What I’d like to can, freeze or put up this year …… snow peas, green beans, and anything else I can get to grow this spring/summer/fall.  I must admit... I've never canned, froze, or in any other way "put up" vegetables and/or fruit.  I'm doing a lot of reading now!

My plans for my home this summer  …….. Fixing the two bathrooms (fans, take down wall paper, and paint).  I'd like to get the house painted inside and out, but "methinks" it may be out of the budget.  We have too many repairs to do on the outside to just paint over them.   : (

This absolutely, positively has to be done to my home this year …. a few more raised garden beds need to be made and put to work!


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  1. Just take it one day at a time! My favorite thing to freeze from the garden is raspberries. The bushes are easy to grow, they come up pretty quick and freezing them is simple (plus they taste the same when you un-freeze them.) Best of luck on your summer adventures and repairs!



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