Friday, April 1, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal... April 1, 2011


In my life this week... We have been spending a lot of time preparing for PROM!  Yesterday morning, my computer partially crashed when an update from AVG Security brought in a bug.  Go figure!  I spent about four hours getting everything back in working order then deleted AVG Security.  Off to find a new security program.  (Don't worry, I still have one on my computer.... I use two simultaneously.)

In our homeschool this week... Monday we enjoyed our Bowling League.  I love when the teens can hang out with others and just have fun!  We are also reading through Uncle Tom's Cabin and completing the book study from Progeny Press.  We are all learning a lot about the 1850s and life during slavery.  Matt and Melissa (age 17) are enjoying the book.  Matt likes the questions, etc. from the book study; he feels they are truly thought provoking. 

My favorite thing this week was... our science on Centripetal Force.  I loved their faces when they had to swing the bucket with water in it over their heads!  The first one thought he was going to get doused, so I had to be the first to try it!

What's working/not working for us... I love our writing curriculum from The Write Foundation.  We are completing the second of three programs called Paragraph Writing.  I have seen wonderful progress in my son's writing.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  I'll be writing a review on this program next week.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have... How do you all deal with incomplete work?  One of my students is consistently leaving work undone but telling me it is done.  Now I'm checking each subject for completeness.  As a teenage student, I feel we should be past this.  HELP!

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Cetripetal Force Experiment... and no one got wet!



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  2. I bet that experiment was a hoot!

  3. I remember the first time my dad told me to twirl a bucket of water over my head. I thought he was nuts! As for incomplete work, I have this same problem with one of my children. I don't claim to have an answer as we still have the problem, but if he has to do the work over again it will be on his time, not mine. Do it right the first time. So if he wants to watch a movie or go to a friends house, he loses the time it takes him to complete the work. Some have told me that's not fair to the friend and they are right, but that is my son's fault, not mine. His actions, or lack there of, impact other people. So, we still have the problem does that mean my correction isn't working? Perhaps I have a son who still hasn't learned the lesson!

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  5. Oftentimes, incomplete work happens with some older children because they are suppose to work more independantly. My children often try to work out deals with mom while they are more efficient at completing assignments from co-op moms or other teachers. It is a funny thing. I've been working on trying to have my daughter start her work earlier and keep more on top of how she is doing by breaking big tasks up in smaller bits and pieces. Therefore, she doesn't see the mound of work needed to get done leaving part of it incomplete. She sees each bite size task needed to complete in a timely manner. When they attain these goals that are set for them, their confidence in completing assignments improves. I hope I'm making sense and hope this helps you.

  6. Thank you Sagerats and Ordained Praise for your insights. We are currently taking away priveleges and have some success and the student has a lesson plan book to check off when each assignment is complete. With this, the larger assignments are already broken down. My concern is none of it is affecting his heart; his desire to do his best. How do you train the heart and motivate a teen to "want" to do his best?


  7. Ellen, I'm sorry I don't have a magic answer about getting kids to do their best. All I can say is keep after it and with time it will come. Make sure he sees that it is important to you and why it is important. I have a child that is getting ready to graduate and it's finally happening for him. And he's mentioned how much better he feels about things when he does his best. But it took a huge amount of time (years) for this kid to get to this point! On a happier note---we're experiencing prom fever also!

  8. Hi Miss Moe... you bring my hope!

    ~ Ellen


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