Thursday, February 3, 2011

Art History Curriculum: Update

Due to numerous circumstances, my teenagers will no longer be taking Art History outside the home.  Over the past few 4 weeks, I have been trying to pull together the books, references, etc., to continue this at home.  What I have learned is that I cannot teach it like the previous teacher.  I don't have her background or lesson plans done for the year.  Did you realize it took me over 3 weeks to figure this out!  Insert *sigh* here.

So now I am revamping again.  God must really want me to learn more about this topic than I care too!

After a lot more hours researching Art History curriculum, books, etc., I stumbled upon the book The Annotated Mona Lisa.  Not only is this book described as "a crash course in Art History from Prehistory to Post-Modern," it also  highlights the main artists, including architecture and sculpture, for each era.

We will be picking up with The Middle Ages: The Reign of Religion.  So, this week we will be learning about iconoclasts, the Hagia Sophia Church(es), Gothic Art, mosaics, and tapestries.  Giotto de Bondone, an Italian painter from the early 1300s, will be highlighted including his painting "Noli me tangere."

Hagia Sophia:
Click to see an enlarged picture

Giotto de Bondone's Painting: Noli me tangere (means: touch me not)

Noli Me Tangere

I guess God knew what He was doing.  I'm looking forward to learning more about art!


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  1. Have you checked out "Drawing on the right side of your brain"? It is excellent for self taught, classical drawing. Our library had it and it is available at Amazon


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