Saturday, August 21, 2010

A bumpy start ~ A smoother ending

Wow, three weeks of school!  I cannot say I was ready to begin, but I decided to just jump in anyway.  Our first week included some laughter, whining, and mornings that started way too early for my teens!

Week Two I was more prepared, and during the week, the last of our school books arrived.  The older teens were then able to begin their U.S. History. 

I have chosen to take a new direction on the when and how of teaching.  Since I am home schooling 4 high schoolers, I am 'teaching' only 1-2 subjects a day.  During the class time, they are given their school assignments for the week.  Here are my teaching days and times -

               9:00-10:00 am        Physical Science with labs
             10:00-10:30 am        Grammar/Vocabulary (Michael/Shelby)
             10:30-10:45 am        Break time!
             10:45-11:00 am        Grammar/Vocabulary (Matt/Melissa)

                9:00 - 9:45 am        Intro to Literature (Michael)
                9:45-10:30 am        Health (Matt/Melissa)

                9:00-10:30 am        Creative Writing (Michael/Shelby)
                8:00-10:00 am        Chemistry @ Hilger's (Matt/Melissa)
                8:30 - 9:30 am        World Geography (Michael)

                9:00 - 9:45 am         American Literature (Matt/Melissa/Shelby)
                9:45 -10:30 am        U.S. History (Matt/Melissa)

   **  Math is completed daily.  I work one-on-one with each student needing my help usually after we   have completed the designated teaching times above.

My older two are independent learners, so they are excited that we get to spend time discussing what they are learning.  I didn't have the time to do that the last two years.  My younger two and I still spend time one-on-one on a daily basis on some of their work.  This schedule allows for more in-depth teaching, while allowing the students to become responsible for their assignments.  It will also guide the younger two into more independent learning.

This teaching schedule has allowed me more time to work with each of the kids individually.  Since I'm not 'teaching' all day long one subject or another, I am free to answer questions, debate a topic, or just listen to their thoughts.

How was your week?

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