Monday, August 29, 2011

multitudes on mondays


This past week has been filled with so many ups-and-downs that I feel like I just got off a roller coaster!  After a wonderful visit with friends we hadn't seen for 3 years, my husband had a terrible car accident.


11.  My husband is alive and well with only minor bumps, bruises and soreness.  (Here's a picture of his car... which, by the way, was totaled by the insurance company.)

12.  A terrific visit with Bob and Janet
13.  Janet's good health
14.  Hurricane Irene went west of my parent's home
15.  Staying on schedule with reading the Bible in 90 Days
16.  The insurance company's check will cover the lien amount.  PTL!
17.  My daughter telling me "I love you!"
18.  School going well
19.  My son's love of improv!
20.  For Rod... my hubby, my love




  1. I am so grateful that your hubby is ok. PTL!!!

  2. That car is a frightening scene! I'm so happy to hear your husband is all right.

  3. WOW! God is faithful and keeping your husband save in that car accident. It looks like it could have been much worse.
    Praise the Lord.
    He is so faithful to us.
    So can relate to the up and down week and the roller coaster. I have been on one myself.
    Glad my God is in control!

  4. Thank goodness your husband is all right. New follower from the not so moody monday hop.

    Cherished Handmade Treasures


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