Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Garden Harvest

Monday, July 25
I steamed the green beans for lunch and they were terrific!

Now, I'm searching for a simple salsa recipe HERE for all the plum tomatoes. 

Friday, July 29
I know, I know... it doesn't look like much.

Check out what is ripening in the garden!

Yellow squash... these plants are beautiful!

 Zucchini plant

Back side of the tomato plants.  It appears I
will be harvesting a lot at one time!

Pepper plants



  1. Oh boy, what I would give to be your neighbour, so that I could learn stuff from you. I am so ignorant, but this year I planted 6 tomato plants over the septic tank and I'm getting over 40 tomatoes so far. Next year I'm ripping out more lawn to plant bell peppers near the tomatoes.
    Your garden looks terrific.

  2. Your veggies are so pretty!!! Thanks for linking up to garden Tuesday!

  3. Squash plants are beautiful. Aren't the flowers edible too? they look so healthy!


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