Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guest Post: Rebecca from Mom's Mustard Seeds

Have you ever come across a post that just spoke to you?  Today's post from Rebecca did just that.  She shares what it means to surrender to God in the most meaningful way.  She has graciously allowed me to share her thoughts with you today on my blog.  Read on...

Mustard Seed Planting: Surrender

Last week, I discussed Worship on Mustard Seed Planting, with the desire to post about Surrender this week.  Surrender was the last topic Linda Dillow spoke about during the retreat I attended for an Un/Divided heart. Surrender that allows us to truly worship and place God first in our lives.

Surrender.  imagine Abraham.  He desired a child and after many years, in his old age...God Blesses him with Isaac.  Then, God (does the unthinkable) tells Abraham to take Isaac and sacrifice him.

Abraham responds.

He chops wood.  (why did he not have his servants chop the wood).

He walks 50 miles with his son to the mount.  Isaac....carrying the wood on his back.

The boy, so happy to be old enough to go with his Dad, probably chatting and running most of the way, basking in the presence of his Father...on this BIG BOY trip!

Abraham...walking 50 miles.  His son...the wood, the burden upon his back......

The boy...asks his Father where the lamb is for the sacrifice.

Abraham...never faltering...God will provide.

Father, binding son, raising his hand with knife, prepared to do as God has asked.


The Father, Our Father:  STOP ABRAHAM....

The Lamb, over on the side of the stands.  It was be the sacrifice.

Do you see God?  He is walking with his Son, the Alter.  His son, carrying the cross, the burden on his back.  Like the lamb stuck in the brush...he is there, has been there since before time.

All he that we surrender.

The pain, the hurt, the joys of this world, everything needs to be surrendered.  Nothing held back, nothing held in front of our Father. 

Job1: 20-21

Will you join me (Rebecca) and Jennifer Janes as we Plant seeds of Faith?  Seeds that grow as tall as the Mustard Plant...when watered with God's love, mercy and grace?  Seeds that allow us to lay it all down, and surrender it all to the one who wants it.  He wants all of the best and the worst so he can give us the Glory he designed us for...for His glory...and for a true and loving relationship!

Rebecca can be found sharing her thoughts at Mom's Mustard Seeds.  Visit her and be blessed!


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  1. Ellen...I can not tell you what an honor it is that you did this. Not for me...but for God. I am a sinful person. I am not perfect. I am clay in his hands. Some days, I let him mold me through surrender and others...I do it my way and get in a lot of trouble...and hurt others. Thank you....for showing me that some days, I let him shine through...and for keeping me humble!



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