Friday, February 4, 2011

I Am a Grandparent

by Ray Notgrass

Copyright (c) 2011 Ray Notgrass. Used by permission.

Being a grandparent means that I have had some time to learn some things. I am learning that:
    - time is a friend and not an enemy;
    - hard times crush you only if you let them; and that
    - in a world of constant change, what is most valuable is that which is unchanging: God's truth, faith, love, trust, honesty, and work.
Being a grandparent means that I have a responsibility to the new little one. I realize that:
    - I cannot give my grandchildren wealth; I can only teach them the value of money;
    - I cannot give my grandchildren time; I can only show them how to use it wisely;
    - I cannot give my grandchildren happiness; I can only be an example of deep inner joy.

My grandson, Xander (age 5)
I am a grandparent.
I have seen many harsh winters, but spring has never failed to come.
I have seen the heat of many summers melt into the beautiful colors of autumn.
I can enjoy the beauties of my own autumn, even though I know that it won't last.
I can remember my own grandparents, and so I am the middle link for five generations, well over a century of living. I hope my link is strong. It has to be. I have two generations I can see and more I cannot see counting on me.
I am a grandparent.

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Many thanks to Ray Notgrass for allowing me to post this wonderful reminder of the joys of grandparenting!



  1. Very nice! Isn't being a grandparent the best? Enjoy your day.

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  5. Xander is so cute!
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  9. Blog hopping I am. Not sure which one I came from but here I am.
    I too am a grandparent adn words of wisdom put to pen couldnt have put it better then you did. Thank you. Brought a small tear drop to my eye. I love your poem and writing. Blessings

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