Thursday, November 18, 2010

Women of Faith


"Have you ever come on anything quite like this extravagant generosity of God...?"  ~ Romans 11.33

God loves us more than we know. He gives us more than we can ask or dream. He's unrestrained... excessive... outrageous... Over the Top.

This past weekend I had the privilege of going to the Women of Faith Conference in NC with my mom and sister.  We had a great time being together and hearing God through the amazing speakers.  What a refreshing time for us as a group and for me personally.  What would God have me hear in my heart?  Are there changes in my very near future present?  What have I withheld from God?

Patsy Clairmont

 Patsy Clairmont was able to speak to all the moms who have prayed for God to heal their child.  She shared the dark days last year when her adult son battled the H1N1 flu to the point of coma.  By God's grace, he is alive today, but still fights chronic pain.  She is witty, hilarious and is transparent in her love for GOD.  From Patsy I was reminded to TRUST God in everything, not just what I think I can't handle.

The Chapmans

Mary Beth Chapman really spoke to my  mother's heart as she shared the devastating loss of her daughter last year.  My parents buried my brother in 1986; Dad had a very hard time after his death.  Steven Curtis Chapman and his band gave a concert... WOW!

Lisa Welchel

Lisa Welchel described her challenge in forming lasting adult friendships.  During the time most teenagers learn about healthy friendships, she was filming The Facts of Life.  All of her "friendships" were written in by the writers.  So when she became an adult, she didn't know how to reach out to others and form healthy, safe friendships.  She reminded us all how important our girlfriends/moms/sisters are to our overall well-being.  From Lisa I was reminded how important our girlfriends are!  They are confidants, encouragers, truth-tellers, and accountability partners.

Sandi Patty

 Sandi Patty moved us not only with her beautiful singing voice, but also with her testimony.  Her voice is unmatched; it leaves you breathless.  She even "signs" some of her songs with and for the hearing impaired.  She shared her struggle with weight throughout her life.  I had no trouble relating to her story.  Her courage to undergo GI surgery and talk about it give me the courage to try the weight-loss thing one more time.  Thanks, Patty!

Marilyn Meberg regaled us with her wit, laughter, honesty, and such wonderful Biblical insights.  She walked us through issues that are holding us back from a 'vibrant relationship with God.'  We were challenged to invite God into our dark places and give our cares/fears/guilt/shame to Him.  She is one of my favorite speakers because she brings her teaching down to my level!  You  have to realize, she has 2 Master Degrees behind her name!

Anita Renfroe

My all-time favorite is Anita Renfroe.. Need I say more!  Christian, comedian, mother, wife (pastor's), singer.. all rolled into one fun-filled lady!  I have 3 DVD's and when I'm feeling down, I'll put them in and laugh all over again.  Her insights into human nature are amazing and she doesn't shy away from the hard issues like.... mammograms, caffeine, and underwire!  She is my all-time pick-me-up!

Dramas are always life-changing. Deborah Winans' were no different. She touched on the issue of abortion and the need for counseling. She opened the door for those experiencing the loss of a child by abortion to seek help and healing. Her other skit touched on our desires to get our way, anyway we can. We put our "hook" in others to get them to do our bidding. A timely reminder especially while raising 3 teenagers!

I have looked forward to the Women of Faith Conferences each year because I was able to spend time with just my mom.  This year, my sister was able to join us.  We were away from all our daily activies and stress and had a ball!  I wonder what next year will bring!


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  1. Nice post! Sandi Patty is my Inspiration in singing!


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