Saturday, July 17, 2010

High School Portfolios.... DONE!

This past week has seen a flurry of activity both on the computer and off.  I have finally finished the 3-ring binder High School Portfolios.  Now, keeping them current should be a breeze.  This binder portfolio was made following Kathleen Duncan's Homeschool for High School Seminar.

Start with a 3-ring binder, add dividers (5 large tab) for the main subjects including Records, Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, PE/Health, and Electives.  I also added an Awards section.

Behind each main tab, use dividers (8 large tab) for the actual classes such as 9th grade Grammar/Composition, US History, Spanish I, etc.  For each class, I am using Donna Young's Grade and Attendance sheets to show the student's grades and information for each class/book/description, etc.  If this was an outside class (not taken at home), I'm puttting the grading sheet from that teacher.  Below is a picture of Matthew's French I grade sheet taken at Hilger Higher Learning.  Also behind each class tab, I add 1-2 examples of the the student's work.  Now, if a college wants to know which curriculum we used or the level of work, we can show them all in one place!

In the Awards Section, I am placing the original certificates in a plastic sheet protectors.  Matthew currently has 2 Honor Roll certificates, 4 certificates for paging in the GA House and Senate, and his Presidential Volunteer Service Awards.  I will also put any awards earned through theater and other activities he is involved in. 

I have also begun typing a high school transcript.  I have the main page done, but still have a ways to go.  I have also set up our Grades and Attendance forms for the new school year.  I'm still undecided on our American History curriculum for this year.  I'm down to 2 weeks to decide and have it ready to go.

Other than portfolios, we have managed to clean the entire house and keep the vegetable garden growing.  We are enjoying way too many tomatoes and zucchini.

Life is good; God is better!


  1. I need to start something like this, now that I'll have a high schooler this year!

  2. Take it from me... don't wait until you are 2+ years into collecting high school credits!

  3. Looks great! I need to get something like that together for Brianna.

  4. Looks good! I'd love to see a copy of your transcript sometime. I have an almost 17 yo doing Community College classes & one that will be starting high school in 2 years.

    Janet W

  5. Janet - I have one in progress for Matthew, but it is only the front page (doesn't include his extracurriculars/work/volunteer info, etc.). Drop me your email and I can send you what I do have.



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