Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Body of Christ is Amazing!

I know it isn't Thursday, but today I was so humbled and overwhelmed by the love of friends.  The real estate business has been unusually slow and we have had to use our savings and other monies to keep the bills paid.  Yesterday I had an impromptu conversation with a good friend about gardening, couponing, shopping, bills, teens, schooling, etc.  It was great catching up with her as it had been a couple of months.

This morning, her and her husband brought us at least 2 weeks of groceries!  How humbling is that!  Rod and I were both speechless and grateful.  In Acts 2.42-45 we learn about true fellowship of believers in Christ.  Acts 2.45b states, "they gave to anyone as he had need."  These wonderful friends of ours are living and breathing God's Word in their lives.  We are the recipients of Jesus' love through them!

God Bless our friends now and always!

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