Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Coupon Binder

I was given this zippered 3-ring binder from my mom.  Since it is zippered, even if I drop it, the contents will not "fly to the wind!"

I used the inside pockets for a pair of good scissors, pen, and pencil.  In the pockets, I am keeping odd coupons or reminders.

I followed the tutorial on Time 2 Save for the sections.  I did add more categories so it would be easier to locate just the bath soap or household cleaners.  All the coupons are placed in baseball trading card plastic sheets for easy viewing per category.

My first pages are separated in two sections-each one for a specific store.  After I pull the coupons (paper and web), I put each in the appropriate holder.  This way, when I go into a store, my main coupons are all ready for me.

How's is your binder coming along?

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