Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break ~ 2010

Now that our school is officially taking this week off for spring break, what do I do with myself?  That, unfortunately, is not a difficult question to answer. 

Here are my plans:

1. Clean my house and possibly the garage    [House is clean  : )   Garage is not...]
2. Rearrange furniture to accomodate "hand-me-overs!"  (This goes hand-in-hand with cleaning the house!)    [DONE!]
3. Plan our totally eclectic history/literature for when we begin school again on April 5th
4. Go food shopping... with an actual list and coupons!
5. Spend quality time with the family, especially my handsome hubby!
6. Relax?!?!?  (not sure when)

[Comments in blue have been updated as of April 4, 2010.]

What are your plans for your spring/Easter break?

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