Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Savings abound!

After falling behind on my coupons, I was able to get caught up this afternoon.  I then set up my store runs and was off to the races.  Here are my savings...

     spent $ 1.35   SAVED $ 7.00
     spent $ 4.54  SAVED $ 8.07
Food Lion...
     spent $ 12.72  SAVED $ 5.30
     spent $ 35.49   SAVED $ 36.82

Total Spent  $ 54.10 
Total Saved $ 57.19
Percentage Saved 51 %

Savings like this keep me motivated to keep this program up!

How are you saving at the food stores?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coupon Savings...

As much as I despise to shop, I am saving a lot more money.  If I can do this, so can you; just ask me how!  Here's today's shopping whirlwind:

           2 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer w/ 2 refill
               bottles $ 23.96
              - 2 $5 off coupons, 2 buy sprayer get refill free
           1 Dove antiperspirant   $1.87
              - on clearance, missing inside cover (orig. 3.89)
              - $1 coupon used
           1 Vaseline lotion $5.99
              - $1 Target coupon, $1.50 manu coupon
  TOTAL bill: $34.01     SAVED $23.18     SPENT $13.53 + tax

            2 Head and Shoulders    $14.98
                (used BOGO coupon; rec'd ecb's)
            1 Colgate Toothpaste  $2.99
                (rec'd ecb's, used $0.75 coupon)
            1 3-pack Ivory Soap      $0.99
                (on sale and used coupon)
            1 CVS Green bag tag  $.99   (rec'd free after ecb)
              - scan this tag and use a reusable bag, after every 4
                 scans, receive $1 ecb!
  TOTAL bill: $19.95        SAVED $8.49   
      USED $5.00 ECB           SPENT $6.46 + tax

             1 Kotex U     $3.49
                  (used $1 coupon and rec'd RR)
             2 Distilled Water  $2.38 
                  (on sale for $0.78 each w/store coupon)
             2 Ajax cleaners 2 for $1 with store coupon
             1 Dawn dish soap        $0.99  
                  (w/store coupon and used $.25 coupon)
             2 Walgreens reusable bags $0.66
                  (w/store coupon)
   TOTAL bill $10.62       SAVED $4.14     SPENT $6.48 + tax

How are you saving money in your family budget?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Coupon Binder

I was given this zippered 3-ring binder from my mom.  Since it is zippered, even if I drop it, the contents will not "fly to the wind!"

I used the inside pockets for a pair of good scissors, pen, and pencil.  In the pockets, I am keeping odd coupons or reminders.

I followed the tutorial on Time 2 Save for the sections.  I did add more categories so it would be easier to locate just the bath soap or household cleaners.  All the coupons are placed in baseball trading card plastic sheets for easy viewing per category.

My first pages are separated in two sections-each one for a specific store.  After I pull the coupons (paper and web), I put each in the appropriate holder.  This way, when I go into a store, my main coupons are all ready for me.

How's is your binder coming along?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day... need I say more!

Today is Tax Day 2010.  Just the thought of having to sift through tax laws, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, and receipts is enough to suck the joy out of life.  BUT....

I am thankful for my husband who works tirelessy as a realtor to support our family.

I am thankful that his income is enough to see us through.

I am thankful to those who pray for us and our real estate business.

P.S. ~ Rod, I love you and thanks for all you do!

Coupon Binder

Well, I have finally succombed to putting all of my coupons into a 3-ring binder using trading card plastic holders.  I have always cut and used coupons, but not to the extent of "stacking" coupons and really working the sales each week.

It is a whole new world.  Learning the lingo and the best sales around seems daunting alone.  Now, I have learned that to get the best deals, especially at the drug stores, you must not wait to the end of the weekly sales... shelves will be empty.

I have attached a link to Time 2 Save.  This will connect you to a tutorial on how to put a coupon binder together.  After following their directions, I am slowly making it my own.  BTW, I did use more dividers for the coupon pages.  For those of you who know me, my detail-side would not let me combine items!


Happy Couponing!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maundy Thursday

Today I remember all that Jesus Christ did to save me from myself.  He was betrayed, beaten, mocked, and hung on a tree to die in my place.  His belongings were taken by lot and his mother watched Him die... for me.  He died, was buried, then.......... on the third day He resurrected to conquer death once and for all.  This is the God who loves me.  This is the God who chose me to be in His eternal family.  Thank you, God, for never giving up on me even when I did.
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