Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Women of Faith 2011.. here I come!


Thanks to Booksneeze, the book review program for bloggers, I am headed to the Women of Faith Imagine Tour in Atlanta on August 12-13, 2011.  You cannot Imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I checked my email and opened their letter!  Best yet, yesterday was my 47th birthday... Happy Birthday to me from Booksneeze!

I can't wait to listen to the speakers.  So many times I can relate to their stories and I'll laugh and/or cry with other women.  The ladies bring Bible teaching to life for all the attendees!  We receive God's blessings, healing, hope, and forgiveness throughout the conference.

Below is a preview video of the conference.  Check it out!

This year, I will be blessed by the following
Women of Faith speakers:

Sheile Walsh
Luci Swindoll
Lisa Harper
Angie Smith

be singing and praising God along with...

Natalie Grant

be drawn into the drama of....

Nicole Johnson

and enjoy the special teachings from...

Steve Arterburn and Laura Story 

Now, here is the best part of this exciting conference.... my daughter, Melissa, will be joining me!  What a blessing to me to share this wonderful experience with my girl.  Add to it, she is a senior this  year, and will be heading off to college in one year.

Thank you Lord for sending this blessing to me through Booksneeze and Women of Faith!

I would love to have you all join me!  If you have never been to a Women of Faith conference or it has been awhile, please check out their conference schedule for a city near you.  I guarantee you will be blessed for years to come!


  1. I'm going to the Atlanta conference too!☺ I'm super excited and can't wait to worship and be inspired as I'm surrounded with women of faith and bloggy friends like you. Let's plan to meet up! :)

    ♫♪Happy Birthday, dear Ellen!♫♪
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you!♪♫

  2. Congratulations on your trip! I was fortunate to attend a Women of Faith Conference many years ago in Tampa, FL. It was truly a blessing! New follower from the I ♥ Blogging Wednesday Hop! I would ♥ for you to stop by to say hi & return follow!


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