Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009-2010 Curriculum List

Having 3 high school students and 1 junior high student keep me (us!) busy. This year we will be using the following curriculums.

Bible, History, and Literature (all students) ~

World History by My Father's World (
This program includes 3 credits - one for Bible, one for History, and one for Literature/English.

Grammar/Writing/Vocabulary ~

Michael and Shelby:
Applications in Grammar, Book 1 (Christian Liberty Press)
English from the Roots Up
Vocabulary from Classic Roots "A"
Spelling Power

Melissa and Matthew:
Vocabulary from Classic Roots "C" and "D"

Literature ~

A Beka 8th Grade Literature: Of Places
Miscellaneous books (some from the high school curriculum)

Mathematics ~

Melissa and Matthew:
Teaching Textbooks - Geometry

SAT I Math Subject test review and test
Saxon Advanced Mathematics

Michael and Shelby:
Saxon Math

Calculadder 5 and 6 for drill review

Science ~

Matthew, Melissa, and Shelby
A Beka Biology, 3rd edition - Hilger Higher Learning

Prentice Hall Science, 4 books - Middle School Science at Hilger Higher Learning. (


Community Service ~
All students volunteer throughout the year in different venues (children's museum, church, mission trips, J103 Christian radio station, etc.). 150 hours = 1 high school credit = A.

Introduction to Logic ~ The Fallacy Detective and The Thinking Toolbox (if time allows)

Driver's Education ~ for 30 classroom hours, 40 hours driving with parents (YIKES!), and a 6 hour course at NW GA Tech.

Typing ~ type it by Joan Duffy
~ This is an old-fashioned program... not playing games with a computer typing

Drama/Theater ~ Matthew is active with the Colonnade Foundation of the Performing Arts and
and enjoys being on stage and working behind the scenes. He sees acting as a
part of his future. Again, 150 hours = 1 high school credit = A.
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